Best Vegas Strip Hotels

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Top Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

Best Vegas Strip Hotels are the peak of luxury. What Las Vegas hotels have shows and concerts?

They go above and beyond to make their guests – you! – feel as comfortable, relaxed, and happy as possible. And really, it isn’t hard when you’re in the entertainment mecca of the world! Las Vegas fizzes with potential for fun and there’s plenty to see whether you’re on or off the strip. As well as all the fun you’ll have to explore the city, you’ll always have a sumptuous place to rest your head too. The amenities available at Las Vegas hotels will keep you thoroughly satisfied. The strip is 4 miles of crazy sights, luxurious casinos, and hotels that are beyond your wildest dreams. What more could you ask for? Book a few nights in one of these gorgeous hotels on the Las Vegas strip and you’ll be blown away.

Deluxe Swimming Pools

You can make a real splash at Las Vegas hotels with beautiful swimming pools and pool decks. After all, you need a way to recover from the Nevada heat!

Luxurious Day Spas

If you like massages, facials, and hot tubs, you’ll love the relaxing luxury of day spas at Las Vegas hotels. Put on a fluffy bathrobe and pamper yourself.

Top Class Restaurants

Some of the world’s best restaurants are in Las Vegas, and you don’t even have to leave your hotel for a delicious meal!

Fun-Filled Casinos

If you’re looking to place a bet, stay in one of the many Las Vegas hotels with casinos. You might just get lucky!

Amazing Performances

There are plenty of amazing performers in Las Vegas. Who knows, you could catch a star-like Carrot Top, David Copperfield, or the Mat Franco in your hotel!

Beautiful Balcony Views

Las Vegas has some beautiful vistas to offer, and there are plenty of hotels with glorious balconies too. You just have to step outside to be amazed.

Las Vegas hotels rival the very best options elsewhere in the world. After all, Las Vegas isn’t a city that does things by halves! There’s a Las Vegas hotel for everyone, so shop around and find the perfect place for you. You won’t be disappointed!

Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, its party atmosphere, and its truly luxurious hotels. In fact, Las Vegas is home to some of the best hotels in the world.

Best Vegas Hotels for Bachelor Party

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The best hotels in Las Vegas are calibrated to their guests’ every need, and you’ll be treated like a star. There’s just one problem: you’ll never want to leave! These are the best hotels in Las Vegas and they will let you relax (or party!) like royalty. has the best deals on Las Vegas strip hotels of every type to help you find the perfect room that will fit your budget.

Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip 

Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip 
Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip

No holiday destination is more glamorous than a Las Vegas hotel on the strip. The strip is 4 miles of crazy sights, luxurious casinos, and hotels that are beyond your wildest dreams. What more could you ask for? Book a few nights in one of these gorgeous hotels on the Las Vegas strip and you’ll be blown away.

ARIA Resort & Casino

Everyone loves ARIA. It’s located right on the strip with some amazing views of the action from their beautiful suites. Check out their luxurious day spa for a relaxing massage, facial, or seaweed wrap.

Vdara Hotel and Spa

Vdara is located within the ARIA complex and it’s both non-gaming and non-smoking. It’s an excellent option for travelers aiming to combine luxury with a more relaxed Las Vegas experience.

Wynn & Encore Las Vegas

The Wynn and Encore have a fantastic spot right on the Las Vegas strip and it boasts a fantastic casino too. There are also multiple spas, restaurants, and nightclubs for when you finish gambling.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace has a classic Ancient Roman vibe and a world-famous casino that you’ve surely heard all about. If you want to stay somewhere luxurious and experience one of the world’s best casinos, book a room at Caesars Palace.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Mandalay Bay boasts a high-class casino that lets you gamble in style. They also have a gigantic pool area – 11 whole acres – outside their deluxe hotel and casino.

The Mirage

The Mirage has a tropical feel that you’ll appreciate when you’re miles deep in the Nevada desert. There are waterfalls, exciting animals, and exotic flowers everywhere you look.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace has been open since the ’60s, so it’s a real Las Vegas standby. It’s got beautiful rooms, a thrilling casino, and some of the best headlining acts in Vegas.

The Luxor

The Luxor is a huge pyramid containing some of Las Vegas’s most luxurious rooms. Of course, there are restaurants, casinos, and entertainment too.

Park MGM /Monte Carlo/

Park MGM is one of the most upmarket and grown-up hotels on the Las Vegas strip. If you’re looking for a truly lavish experience, there’s no better destination.

The Venetian & Palazzo

The Venetian and Palazzo have all the charm and beauty of Italy within the wild fun of Las Vegas. There are even gondolas paddling down a replica of a Venetian canal!

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood is a fun spot with an amazing multi-floor casino where you can gamble to your heart’s content. It’s one of the most buzzing hotels on the Las Vegas strip.

The Excalibur

The Excalibur has a modern feel despite the number of knights in shining armor that patrol the hotel. There’s also a spa, a casino, restaurants, and much more.

  • Las Vegas hotels on the strip are fancy, flouncy, and super fun. After all, if you’re going to Las Vegas, then you may as well stay in the center of the action!

Las Vegas Strip Hotels – See the World!

Come to Las Vegas and see the whole world! Well, not quite, but you sure can find lots of the best bits represented on the Strip. From the Eiffel Tower to the Brooklyn Bridge via Veneces Grand Canal and Rio at carnival time, a vacation to Vegas can offer the chance to see many great sights. While it may not be quite the same as the real thing, where else could you see so much in one place?


Whatever your opinion of replicating a great European city, it’s hard to argue that The Venetian is anything but spectacular. You can stroll across the Bridge of Sighs, wander through St. Mark’s Square and take a gondola ride. They’ve even gone to the trouble of importing aged stonework and marble, which gives the building the same pink hue as Italian buildings glow with when the sunsets.


One of the most impressive Strip hotels, from the outside at least, the Paris Las Vegas includes a half scale, a 541-foot-tall replica of the Eiffel Tower, which has been built with one of the tower’s legs right in the middle of the casino floor. If you’ve got a few spare dollars, head up to the top and have dinner in the Eiffel Tower restaurant. For $7.50 you can go to the top and catch an awesome view of Las Vegas from 46 floors up. The hotel also has replicas of the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Paris Opera House, and the hallway at Versailles.

New York

So good they named it twice! New York-New York is one of the great Strip attractions, with its massive Coney Island rollercoaster and games emporium, Greenwich Village eateries, and replica Brooklyn Bridge. Somehow this hotel even feels a little like New York. Situated at the bottom end of the Strip across from the mighty MGM Grand, the hotel brings a little NY cool to the Nevada desert. You can even get one of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. Grab a Guinness at the Nine Fine Irishman bar and you can sample a little Emerald Isle hospitality too.


Every night is a carnival at the Rio! One of the older style hotels on the Strip, Rio hotel nonetheless offers a wealth of color and excitement, which you can take in from their Masquerade Bar. Alternatively, head outside to their pool area, Voodoo Beach, which has been turned into a tropical paradise, including sandy beaches and waterfalls. There are two bars, the Cruzan Island Bar and VooDoo Beach Bar, where you can enjoy specialty cocktails made by flair bartenders. DJs and go-go dancers supply the entertainment. You’ll think you’re on Brazils Copacabana Beach! The hotel also has a highly-rated buffet.


You sure cant miss the great pyramid that houses the Luxor! There’s also a Giant Sphinx outside guarding the treasures within. Walking inside takes you into the heart of the giant pyramid; it’s a huge, airy space with the hotel rooms looking down on the great atrium. It also boasts swaying palms, statues of Ramses, and a mock obelisk.
At night, a beam of light flashes out from the apex of the pyramid: it’s the Luxor Sky Beam and it is the strongest beam of light in the world. Aircraft can see it 275 miles away and it has been made an FAA-designated navigational landmark for aviators. For the record, it costs $51 an hour to operate at full strength!


OK, so I’m a little biased on this one, but I have to put in a brief word for some home representation on the Strip. Head up past the Wynn to the Riviera (across from the Circus Circus tent). Take a photo of the British red phone box outside, then head inside to the Queen Victoria Pub. All English, all the time! There’s even bangers mash on the menu (that’s sausage and mashed potato to the rest of you!).

The History of Las Vegas Strip Hotels

Las Vegas has a rich history, and the hotels here play a huge role in the city’s past. Old Las Vegas hotels each have their own story. These hotels have seen the ups and downs of the economy, the rise and fall of famous entertainers, and so much more. Historic Las Vegas hotels and casinos have built this city and shaped it into the iconic destination we know today. While its official name is now the LVH – Las Vegas Hotel Casino, for many it’ll always be the Las Vegas Hilton. Or even the International Hotel. But while its great claim to fame is that Elvis played here, there’s a lot more to this Vegas institution. So here’s a little introduction to one of Las Vegas’ iconic resorts… Read more.

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So whether you’re traveling a few miles or a few thousand miles to Las Vegas, you’ll be sure to go away with some impressive snapshots of some great (replica) landmarks. And, of course, you also have the rest of the Strip to explore!

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