Criss Angel VIP Tickets

Criss Angel VIP Tickets
Criss Angel VIP Tickets

Criss Angel Tickets + VIP Experience – MINDFREAK – Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas – Front Orchestra Tickets (best seats) and VIP Experience.

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Criss Angel presents Mindfreak, an illusion spectacular at the Criss Angel Theater, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.
Criss Angel the most watched magicians in television history and he is considered the best illusionist and showman of the 21st century and his idol has always been Harry Houdini. Adventurism and magic that you can watch for hours without stopping are presented in his performances in a huge amount.

If you have ever watched Criss Angel Mindfreak on A&E, you have an idea of what to expect in terms of illusion. His show isn’t about just watching, but it is also very involving.

Mindfreak Show

Witness the most dangerous, exciting, comedy filled evening of unparalleled illusions from the No1 Magician in the world.

You will feel spiritualistic immersion into the world of illusions created by the professional of exquisite deception in the walls Criss Angel Theater, Planet Hollywood. In his show very complex, associated with a great risk for life tricks are dominated. Many of his tricks are borrowed from Harry Houdini, he has improved and at the same time made them more complicated.

The 90-minute production includes some of the most amazing illusions ever-presented on stage from feats that Harry Houdini dared decades ago, to the newest of illusions straight from the creation of Criss Angel – the most spectacular illusions from the Magician of the Century!

If you decide to visit it, you will will laugh, cry and be amaze.

A lot of the tricks being done have you saying “how did he do that?”

  • See this show! You’ll love it!


  • Today’s Deals: Save Up To $20 Per Ticket
  • Front Orchestra Tickets $148 + VIP Experience: $271,75

VIP Experience include:

  • Guests MUST purchase a show ticket in combination with the VIP Experience.
  • Includes a personal escort into the venue using a dedicated entrance to bypass the general entry line, an exclusive limited edition VIP laminate, as well as a photograph and meet & greet with Criss Angel.

Meet & Greet takes place prior to the performance; guests must arrive to the venue no later than 6:30pm for this experience.

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Wednesday, Jul. 17th
Thursday, Jul. 18th
Friday, Jul. 19th
Saturday, Jul. 20th
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