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The Rave Craze: Exploring the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience

For several years, the desert has come alive with dance music playing well into the late-night and morning. Las Vegas may be a destination for the rich and famous, but it’s also a perfect location for the Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC. This gathering of electronic-dance music fans is the largest of its kind, and many people drive or fly to Las Vegas in hopes of attending at least one of the concert nights. Get to know this rave culture so that you can feel part of the groove in no time.

What is a Rave?

EDC isn’t a basic concert where you watch a band and then go home. This Las Vegas music festival is an electronic-dance music spectacle. The music is designed to lift your spirits as everyone celebrates being themselves. In essence, the crowd is part of the entertainment as everyone enjoys 12 hours of music or more. Although raves have been unfairly stigmatized as being hotbeds of drug use, you can attend these concerts and enjoy the high of the music. There’s no need to take drugs or worry about them in the performance area. Everyone is at the rave for a good time, and conflict isn’t a normal part of the culture.

Getting to Know PLUR Culture

As you attend EDC, you might see shirts and jewelry emblazoned with the acronym PLUR, which stands for “Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.” The rave culture is meant to be a supportive group of humanity. It’s the one place that you can come dressed in any fashion and express yourself without judgment. In fact, attendees can wear as little clothing as they desire, and PLUR will always be the rule. EDC’s founders thrive on this concept because it encourages people to return each year because of the accepting atmosphere. No other Las Vegas music festival encourages more individuality than EDC.

The Basic Framework

To get an idea of this Las Vegas music festival’s format, get familiar with its schedule and layout. The parking lot and doors will normally open in the late afternoon. You should expect the music to start almost immediately, while the sun is still high in the sky, and it won’t end until sunrise the next day. EDC runs with this schedule on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. For the past few years, this rave was scheduled for about mid-June. The Las Vegas area is already hot by then, so loose-fitting clothes would be the preferred attire. Luckily, most of the partying are done at night, when temperatures are cooler.

How to Get There

This Las Vegas music festival is featured at the Motor Speedway that’s just a few minutes away from the Strip. Attendees may want to drive their own vehicles to the event, or they might carpool in a hired limousine. Third-party drivers, such as Uber, can be a good choice too; keep in mind that you’ll be uber-tired by the end of this night, and you may not want to drive yourself home with so much fatigue. Public transportation can be difficult to find after the rave, but taxis are a solid option. Simply plan for your transportation well before the event.

Where to Rest Your Head

Other raves usually allow you to camp at the venue between concert days. EDC doesn’t have this option, however. Finding a quiet place to rest will take some consideration of your needs. There are always endless hotels in Greater Las Vegas, or you might stay with a local friend as an alternative. Camping at local campgrounds is possible when you reserve your spot ahead of the crowds. A clever resting idea is a recreational vehicle. Taking an RV to a Las Vegas music festival allows you to bring all of the comforts of home without paying separately for a hotel room.

Getting Into the Spirit

Don’t show up in a pair of jeans and an old shirt. The spirit of EDC is in its patrons. Dress up to show off your personality. You might don a pair of wings, or paint your face unusual colors. Wigs, gloves and DIY outfits are part of the fun spirit at this Las Vegas music festival. You might also consider handing out jewelry as a unique way to meet people. Handmade, beaded necklaces and bracelets are traded and given out by the attendees. Referred to like candy, these inexpensive crafts start conversations and make everyone feel good with their distinct colors.

Staying Safe

This Las Vegas music festival has a lot of security and medical personnel to serve the attendees throughout the event. However, you should still take precautions to remain safe. Don’t eat or drink any substance you’re unfamiliar with at the time; drugs are often passed around with a casual flair, and you don’t want to accidentally consume them. Take care of people who look ill; medical teams are always nearby, so try to be helpful and point out any ill people. It’s possible to save that person’s night – or their life – so that they can get up and dance later on.

If you can’t find tickets for this year’s EDC, make a mental note to be first in line for next year. This Las Vegas music festival is unlike any other that you’ll encounter. Dance to the music, meet new friends and party until sunrise with EDC’s eclectic mix of trance, house and pop music.


EDC has become one of the most popular concerts around the world, so tickets do sell out at times.

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You can also try radio giveaways or official ticket resellers.

Be aware that you can buy one- or three-day tickets, depending on the available room.

There are no seats at EDC because it’s a general-admission event. The promoters simply cut off the number of tickets sold based on the venue’s maximum occupancy.

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