What to do in Vegas 2021

What to See in Las Vegas in 2021? What should I not miss in Vegas? What To do in Las Vegas besides gamble?
If you have been planning a trip to Las Vegas, you have probably noticed that the city offers plenty of diversions. Las Vegas is still the gaming capital of the world, but you do not have to be a gambler to enjoy your visit. When you are done playing the slot machines and trying your hand at the blackjack tables, you can enjoy lots of other events and attractions. Vegas also hosts an endless variety of both traveling and permanent shows, including magic shows, music concerts, and the acrobatic Cirque du Soleil. View our events calendar, what’s new, shows, concerts, tours, attractions, entertainment, tips, and vacation ideas!

Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

Some vacation destinations demand careful planning, and weeks of preparation, to get right. Las Vegas is not one of those destinations. Whether you decided to visit Las Vegas six months ago or six minutes ago, you will find plenty of fun things to see and do when you get there.

The sheer number of hotel rooms in and around Las Vegas makes finding a place to stay very easy, and the amazing deals on airfare have made the city that never sleeps an even more enticing travel destination. If one of those too-good-to-be-true travel deals lands in your inbox, just click your mouse and pack your bags.

10 great things to do in Las Vegas

  • Here are 10 great things to do in Las Vegas today, and every day:

Big Bus Tour

Big Bus Tour
Big Bus Tour

Take an orientation tour. If this is your first time in Las Vegas, an orientation tour is a great idea. Those double-decker buses may be terribly touristy, but they are great for getting the lay of the land.

Swim-up bars

Find a swim-up bar. Swim-up bars combine two of the best things about Las Vegas – cool water and cold drinks. The city is filled with these aquatic wonders, so put on your swimsuit and get ready to indulge.

Gondola Rides at the Venetian

Gondola Rides at the Venetian
Gondola Rides at the Venetian

Take a gondola ride at the Venetian. Like the double-decker buses, the gondola rides are a bit touristy, but that does not mean they are not also a lot of fun. Gondola rides are great for sparking romance and setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

Watch the sunset over the Strip

Watch the sunset over the Las Vegas Strip
Watch the sunset over the Las Vegas Strip

Sunsets in Las Vegas are breathtaking, and there are many great vistas for taking in that natural beauty. The Mix Lounge, located on the 64th floor of Delano Las Vegas, is one of the best viewing platforms in the city.

Check out some great art

Las Vegas has been making a big splash in the art world, and City Center is at the heart of the artistic revival. If you love art, Las Vegas is a great place to be.

Experience Fremont Street

The Fremont Street Experience is a Vegas legend, and for good reason. This nightly light show is truly something to behold, and it is something every first-time visitor to Vegas should see.

See some sharks

Las Vegas may be far from the nearest ocean, but that does not mean there are no sharks. Mandalay Bay is home to some 15 species of shark, so you can get your fill and stop at the slot machines on your way back.

Ride the monorail

The Las Vegas monorail is a great way to get around, but it is also a tourist attraction in itself. With stops at many major hotels and casinos, the monorail combines efficient transportation and touristy fun.

Learn to play blackjack

If you can count to 21, you can win at blackjack, so do not be intimidated. Many casinos offer free lessons and pointers on table games, so step away from the slot machines and find an open table.

Shop for bargains

Gambling is not the only way to spend money in Las Vegas. There is also plenty of great shopping, and unlike the slot machines, you get to take the goods home with you. Whether you shop for bargains at the outlet stores or go high-end at the casino shops, you are sure to have a great time.

Las Vegas Shows and Events

Las Vegas shows and events are full of the world’s best performers. Even if you only have one night in town, you owe it to yourself to experience the magic that Vegas provides. Experience concerts in all genres from pop to rock n roll along with jazz, R&B, and everything in-between. Succumb to the surrealist vision of top-acts like Cirque du Soleil or watch a magic show from the best magicians in history.

In Vegas, you can experience everything you’ve ever dreamt about. See headlining shows in historic casinos or enjoy a theatrical performance that will leave you breathless. Even nature is grand in Vegas from the nearby Red Rock mountain ranges to other national parks. It is easy to miss the natural beauty with so much entertainment on hand but this only proves that the city has something for everyone.

Las Vegas Shows & Events Schedule 2021

Las Vegas Concert & Headliners 2021

What To Do in Las Vegas with Kids

We’ve got you covered with our list of 8 fun, family-friendly shows and activities:

  1. High Roller
  2. Eiffel Tower
  3. Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
  4. Marvel Avengers STATION
  5. The Hunger Games the Exhibition
  6. Vegas Superkarts
  7. Shark Reef Las Vegas
  8. Pole Position Raceway


Las Vegas is always a great place to be, and it is the perfect place for a quick vacation. You do not have to spend a lot of time planning your trip since there are always great things to see and do. All you need is a plane ticket, a hotel reservation, and a sense of adventure, so make today the start of your Las Vegas getaway.


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